Cat Burglar

At some point during the night last night I woke up hearing a foreign noise that I later decided was probably our next door neighbors having sex.
But when I woke up, perhaps because of the sound, the dream I had been having, and confused sleepiness, I was suddenly stricken with fear that someone might break into our apartment.
I wasn't worried that the sound was of someone breaking into our apartment, but that someone might, in a few, moments break in.
This is not something I normally worry about. Rarely do I even lock doors. In the house I lived in before I didn't even own a key.
The feeling of fear and concern was so strong that I felt as if it was a spiritual impression telling me I needed to lock the door.
I generally don't think in those terms and now that it is morning I feel somewhat amused by it.
But I lay there for a few moments, unable to think of anything besides someone opening our unlocked front door.
Since Marissa and I don't have a bed yet, we sleep on the futon in our living room.
It would have been a strange and scary experience to be laying in bed(futon) watching a stranger open your front door. I imagine it would be uncomfortable for the burglar as well since he or she would have been expecting us to be upstairs in our room.
Instead, we would make eye contact, since I was looking at the front door. For a moment neither of us would know what to do, and ideally the cat burglar would just back out and close the door behind him or herself.
After a little while of laying in bed full of fear I got up and locked the front and back door, somehow knocking a painting off the wall in the process.


Heather said...

Our neighbor has twice come into our house in the middle of the night. Both times he didn't knock, both times he was on meth, and both times he was completely naked. We pretty much always lock the door at night, but these two times we hadn't.

Then our house got broken into one night while we weren't home. Nothing was taken, but the side door was left wide open, the light on, and and blinds in the bedroom opened. The neighbor had money stolen from his apartment a couple days later.

I've been very paranoid the last month or so, locking the doors and windows every night, and getting nervous at any little sound that seems to be in my yard. I've never been the nervous sort, and it's foreign to me to feel like this, and to wish that Luke was home at night for some sort of protection/feeling of security reason, instead of just a snuggling/boning one.

Unrelated to the above, every time I wake up in the middle of the night, worrying that I slept through my alarm, one of my first sleepy thoughts is that it's the spirit telling me to check my alarm. I don't believe in any such spirit, so in the morning it always amuses me and surprises me. I guess you can't totally remove yourself from certain aspects of your upbringing.

Justin, Heather Lea and Atticus Zweig said...
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Justin, Heather Lea and Atticus Zweig said...

I am interested to know what you believe to be the "feeling" many LDS folk call the Holy Ghost?

Chris Almond said...

heather, that sounds very scary about your neighbor. I would be very startled if that happened to me. What happened after he came in?

Heatherly, I suppose I would think of that feeling as intuition. Often people are able to recognize something on a physical level before their mind becomes conscious of it. an interesting study was done where participates would choose from two different decks of cards. they received points or money based on the cards they drew. the two decks seemed random, but one was actually more profitable than the other. after, say, 20 times participants would gradually start drawing cards more and more from the deck which had been biased in their favor, but they were not consciously aware that deck had been biased in their favor until after about 50 times.

Heather said...

He came to our bedroom, couldn't talk, but kept trying to apolgize. We got him clothes and took him back to his house, where he'd locked himself out, and waited while he hopped the fenced and went in through the back window.

carie said...

This reminds me of that time when YOU came into our apartment in the middle of the night. I guess we left the keys in the door. I heard the door open, shot up in bed completely freaked out, and shook Ricky awake to go check it out (just like in the movies.)
I hope you never forget that one time when you walked into 632 N. Monterey Drive.

Chris Almond said...

carie, that sounds vaguely familiar, but I don't entirely remember it. What was I doing there so late? did I just come to say hello?

carie said...

I can't remember the details. I asked Ricky and he said he doesn't know and wonders if it was the same night you borrowed his scooter. (I vaguely remember this.)

Why have we all suddenly developed Alzheimer's and can't remember this one night?