I'm beginning to recognize in myself the less positive aspects of aging. I'm finding that it takes me longer to learn physical tasks. I recently learned how to use a letter press and noticed how much longer it took me to grasp than it would have once before. I notice I have become less creative. I used to have new ideas constantly, so much so that I felt overwhelmed by them because I couldn't bring them all to realization. Now the ideas come more slowly. And are more similar to other ideas i've had.
But I have also experienced positive aspects of aging. The ideas I do have, I spend more time on and think them through more clearly. I feel much more stable and content than when I was younger. I know myself better and know better what actually makes me happy versus what things I just like the idea of and wish would make me happy. At the same time I can be less inclined to experiment or try new things. I day dream a bit less. I feel less compelled to be understood. It seems young people want so strongly for people to understand them and 'get them', which i know I felt as well, but I no longer feel that in the way I may have before.
I listen to way less music than I ever have before. Overall I prefer being older.


Heather said...

Luke and I were talking about this just yesterday. We both like ourselves more now than when we were younger, but we both feel less funny, less creative, and like we need more sleep.

I miss the way I used to enjoy music. I also like that I've learned to enjoy the quiet more.

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

what is the difference between a 19 and 21 year old anyway?!!!!!!

ricky said...

That's interesting you feel less creative. I will give you an eye for an eye on your other points but if anything I feel as if I get more creative. When I was younger i was more excited and passionate about my ideas but they were usually much more derivative of other things I was interested in, I feel now I am more able and more confident to come up with things that feel more my own.