It was my birthday a few days ago. Marissa and I went camping at the beach and then I didn't even check my email till yesterday. Lately, whenever circumstances leads me to not check my email one day, I find myself then putting it off for one, maybe two or three more days, knowing I will have an overwhelming amount of emails to respond to. Even though I know that putting it off even more just increases the pile up.
I started a new blog. If you click on my profile, you can get the link.
Here are some birthday photos:

At the Dollar store ($) Marissa came across and purchased two kites. They worked a little better than I imagined, but despite the perfect weather for kite flying, we weren't able to get them above 5 feet in the air.

Even though I don't typically like to support businesses like Burger King, nor do I generally enjoy the food they offer, the BK VEGGIE is one of the best, possibly the best veggie burger I have had. I try not to eat them too often. I think of them as sort of a guilty pleasure. But on special days, such as my birthday, I love to eat one. Marissa had one as well. It was her first. She enjoyed it, even though she got it without the toppings, which, in my mind, is what makes it so good. She also got it with a slice of Swiss cheese on BOTH sides of the patty.

This wasn't on my birthday. But it IS a photograph. We are playing Magic the Gathering in Priest Point Park. A stunningly beautiful park in Olympia. Marissa as talking on the phone a while ago to one of her friends and mentioned that we had been playing the card game 'Magic the Gathering' her friend asked if it was a cult. I found and find this so so funny. What would it mean for a game to be a cult?

We came across this jealous jelly fish on the beach. It was the first Jelly fish I have seen with my own eyes.

We decided to hop in the water and see if we could find more jelly fish.

At Bk still.

Curious about the texture and durability of the jelly fish, I poked it and pushed it with my foot until it kind of broke apart. I ended up kicking it really hard to see how it would withstand. I felt kind of gross while I was doing it. I am not sure if the jelly fish was alive and I am not sure if Jelly fish have an advanced enough nervous system that it could feel any pain, but I felt bad destroying, with my foot, a living Jell-o dish.


To wrap everything up, I would like to which everyone a happy 420. I would like to wish everyone a sober and sad Hitler's birthday and Columbine anniversary. But, if it is getting you too down to think about it, you should get high on Marijuana.


carie said...

I am glad you found someone to play that evil cult game with you. May you have a lifetime together of playing Magic the Gathering.

baby beluga said...

itsa surprise!
itsa burrito!

Friends of Dawson Creek Management said...

fuk jelly fish. fuk th

max said...

When I started playing Magic the Gathering (during Middle School) one my friends said, "you gotta be careful when you're fooling around with that stuff."

J McO (change later) said...

I about pissed myself laughing at the caption above the underwater jellyfish and the SCUBA diver. I mean, the jellyfish and you. You went and found more jellyfish!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Almond said...

Max, were you careful?
carie, thanks,
baby beluga, saldfjkwopuiwqr
cooliosaurus, fudge you 4ever
james, glad you're bladder liked my joke.