Since I am not too far off from graduation, I occasionally get emails about graduation related things from evergreen. Today I got one about speaking at the graduation ceremony. Yes, I WAS BEING INVITED TO SPEAK AT GRADUATION! And it wasn't just I, every student who would be graduating was invited to try out to be the graduation speaker. Since Evergreen doesn't give grades, I guess they would have no way to decide who is best suited to speak at graduation.
I thought it seems like a good idea. Graduations tend to be pretty boring. Because a person is good at earning grades doesn't mean they are good at public speaking. But this way, the graduation speaker is instead chosen by there ability to give a good talk. I briefly considered auditioning, but I don't have anything interesting to say to the graduating Evergreeners.


Marissa N. Paolacci said...

graduation, no internet for you.

Vincent said...

An invitation like this can change your consciousness, methinks. there is nothing like preparing for a speech, even one that you will probably never make, to bug every spare waking moment, to say nothing of the sleeping ones.

max said...

What are your plans? Still thinking about RISD?