Rick Warren.

It has been disappointing and dumb to me how the left has responded to Barack Obama inviting Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration.

If you aren't familiar, people have been upset because Rick Warren is opposed to gay marriage.

I receive the Moveon.org newsletter and and one of their recent emails was about how much of an 'outrage' it is for Rick Warren have been invited to pray. This strikes me as hypocritical. If the left wants to be the party of understanding and tolerance, this is not the way to do it. This sort of behavior is exactly what they do not like about someone like Rick Warren. Being tolerant is about allowing people you disagree with to have a voice and be included.

Allowing someone you disagree with does to say a prayer does not mean, in anyway, that you endorse their opinions. Obama has been very clear how he feels about marriage, and allowing Rick Warren to pray has no effect on that. Obama and Warren are long time friends, and his having a friendship with, and being inclusive of someone who has such different opinions than him on some issues is something that should be admired.

While I deeply disagree with Rick Warren about a variety of things (and agree with him on some others), I do not believe he is a bad person, or that his reasons for opposing gay marriage are evil. This man is doing something he believes to be correct by following a what he things is the will of a God he believes in. Yes I think it is dumb, but I understand where he is coming from and acknowledge he thinks he is doing good. I don't think anything positive will be accomplished by shunning him, and think much good will be accomplished by being compassionate towards and inclusive of him.

Obama is doing exactly what he promised to do in terms of trying to be a force of unity, it is odd people are upset or surprised at this.

If someone on the right were to disallow someone from saying a prayer at a public function for holding views the right disagreed with, people on the left would likely see this as bigoted behavior, yet when they do the same, they seem to not recognize it as such.


ricky said...

well put, i was uncomfortable with the outrage as well.
that reminds me, i'm unsubscribing from your blog because i don't want people to associate me with your ideas.

Vincent said...

I think it is necessary to realize sooner or later that the Left in America is dumb and not something to put one's faith in. You have a Democratic President with good sense now. Time to ignore the partisan and undemocratic (small d) agendas of the Democrats. Just because one hates Republicans is no reason to love the Left.

l i z said...

it may have something to do with "the left" despising christianity as a whole...but that would be a biased & stereotypical generalization akin to saying "the right" are all a bunch of gun wielding warmongers.

what happened to "the middle", people? was there ever one?

l i z said...

united we stand?

Chris Almond said...

liz, i don't think the left is as anti-christian as you might think. The religious distinction between the left and the right are not nearly as large as it may seem. The Right is definitely more Christian, but not overwhelmingly so. Don't forget that Barack Obama is a committed Christian who frequently speaks of his faith. Here are some survey figures to back up what I am saying:

"According to survey results, 57 percent of Republicans assert that the Bible is accurate in all of the principles it teaches compared to 40 percent of Democrats. Republicans are also twice as likely to believe Satan is a real spiritual entity (33 percent versus 17 percent); more likely to reject the idea that good works can earn salvation (35 percent versus 23 percent); more commonly describe themselves as absolutely committed to Christianity (61 percent versus 48 percent); more likely to deem their religious faith to be important in their life (77 percent versus 67 percent); and more likely to believe that God is the all-knowing, perfect Creator and Ruler of the universe (75 percent to 65 percent).

Overall, 51 percent of Republicans qualify as born-again Christians, according to the Barna Group, compared to 38 percent of Democrats."


l i z said...

thanks for your kind response and the stats. i would like you to know that i don't think most of the left hate christians; it's just the ones that do tend to be rather loud about it. same goes for the right; most of them don't hate Muslims but they support people and policies that breed that hatred. (i was kind of attempting to make that point.)

here is what makes me sad (and leads me to loose my patience and make cynical remarks)...we (our government) are continuing to wage wars in other countries that are unjust and evil. period. being a christian (and thereby a believer and follower of Christ's doctrines) how is it that Mr. Obama continues to support war? albeit not ALL war, definetly some war. why? and why do anti-war, peace-loving Americans support him anyway? or how can they?

this is where i'm at. and these are retorical questions, so don't feel like you have to address them unless you want to.

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

oh hey

Vincent said...

It seems to me that Mr Obama isn't taking on the burden of being the new Messiah, but taking over the continuity of presidency, preparing to take over a hot-seat still warm from the previous occupant.

Much as everyone seems to project their ideals on the poor man, he's merely another America; albeit more sensitive and diplomatic than the previous incumbent.

The legacies are horrendous and include a lot of clutter which - to this foreign observer at least - should never be part of politics in the first place, or certainly not a prominent part.

One of the symbolic acts Obama seems to be performing in these days prior to his inauguration, during which he can only prepare for later and perform symbolic acts - is precisely to perform as Liz wants to see: define the middle.

It will take a lot of nreve-wracking work, but he has the opportunity to be precisely that rallying point, where America can say "United we stand" instead of being riven with divisions.

At present it's not just divided but scratching the scabs of its divisions without giving them time to heal.

Still thinking it leads the world, it presents the world with nothing but its own sickness. like a hopeless drunk in the street trying to direct traffic and be generally helpful.