Most applications on facebook just feel like clutter to me. But a couple weeks ago I added the 'My Farm' application and I love it.

Depending on what crops you plant it takes from 1-3 days for them to be ready for harvest. First thing when I wake up in the morning I check the status of my crops, excitedly harvesting the ripe ones.

I have never been too big into video games. I like video games very much, but I wouldn't consider myself a 'gamer' and haven't gotten any video game console since the Nintendo 64, but averaging about once a year I will get extremely into a video game. When I do I will play it every second of every free moment I have. I guess it has been a couple years now since I last got that into a game. Since I don't own any video game systems(except a gameboy color, which I can't find the charger for), my annual game loving has been dependent on roommates who owned games. The last game was 'Harvest Moon', a farming game, similar to the facebook application, but much quicker paced. I think it was Karl J who loaned me Harvest moon and for about 10 solid days, except when I was working at the Provo Care Center, I played Harvest Moon on my gameboy color.
(I generally liked working at Provo Care Center, but it became very stressful when one of the people we took care of developed a crush on me and became very weird and manipulative threatening suicide almost every day. I knew she wasn't physically capable of harming herself, but it emotionally taxing. One day at work I surreptitiously drank a bottle of the syrup of ipecac(I had always referred to it as ipecac syrup, but I just now looked up the spelling and only saw it referred to as 'syrup of ipecac')which caused me to vomit in a garbage can, and got me out of work for a couple days. I don't remember if this was during my Harvest Moon phase or not, but I like to think that it was.)

One thing I like about the facebook farm game is it is an exercise in patience. Once a day I can harvest crops plant new ones and till some soil, but then I must let time pass while the crops grow before being able to do anything else.

Speaking of games being similar to real life, I remember when I lived with Morgan in The Maxwell House and he bought an X-box, he once got a game from Japan that was noted for being like real life. But playing it wasn't fun at all because of how much like normal life it was. To get $ you had to get a job at this little warehouse moving boxes around. At first the game was really cool to me, and I was impressed by the realism, but it didn't take much box moving for my interest to fade.

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