secret blog

i guess this blog is not as secret as i had thought. i am not sure how many people are aware of it, but it having been mentioned to me by people i have not told about it allowed me to realize some people know of it.
there are certain things i might write about knowing this is not widely read i might not otherwise write about. like the entry below about appearance. i generally find it distasteful when people write about compliments received. well, it depends, if they are written about in a way that feels like 'hey, look at me! look at what people have said about me' then i find that distasteful. so, to avoid that i generally try to avoid writing positive things about myself, though i would sometimes like to.
i guess what i want to get across is i hope that entry below did not come off as 'hey look at these cool things people have said about me' because that was not what i intended.
my intention was just that i had thought i was perceived in one way, and have heard things that make me see some people see me in a different way.

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