i was thinking about the way we think of food. especially recently. and i suppose the way we think about most any sort of consumer good.
after we as people experienced processed foods, their convenience and taste, we have come to appreciate the value of eating things more natural. it is healthier for our bodies.
it seems we have developed this idea that things from nature are inherently more valuable. as if it's value comes from it's naturalness.
but suppose some things less natural were more healthy. one real life example of this may be genetically modified foods. all the facts are not yet known, but it appears there are no adverse health consequences when modifying food genetically and some health benefits.
assuming the data continues to be positive, this food is less 'natural' yet is a 'better' food.
many people seem to think that simply because something is 'natural', it is better than something synthesized.
i do think eating more naturally is better for people, but i don't think this is because anything natural is inherently more valuable. it just so happens that we evolved in certain ways to make use of what foods are available from the earth and so those tend to be best for our survival. but what if they weren't?
i thing about marijuana advocates who argue that since marijuana comes from the earth it must be good. this is silly because many things come from the earth which are bad for us like poison ivy and diarrhea.

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