Sometimes my need to qualify my statements overwhelms me. I often began writing about an idea, which on it's own can be explained succinctly, but end up not finishing because I'm not motivated enough to include every qualification running through my mind and have a difficult time expressing an idea without including them.

Especially since one thing I have learned from keeping a blog or even just as a person who speaks to other people is that any possible way a statement can be misinterpreted it almost inevitably will be.
Qualifications help reduce (but by no means eliminate) those misinterpretations.

Plus, since nearly every belief or idea I have is full of qualifications, I feel I am not accurately representing the idea or myself by not including them.

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Vincent said...

Right, and another way to generalize this would be to say that gradually we learn to write better, and think more clearly too.

In one sense I am almost the opposite, in that when I speak or write I tend to try to put so many qualifications in, that little sense comes out.

In the end, if I'm writing stuff to keep, I'll get rid of all that stuff and keep mostly the vivid metaphors.

In this comment I inserted qualifiers, as marked in bold, which aren't really necessary. I would take them out later.

What I like about your writing is the spontaneity of your thought. Misinterpretation or discussion? No need to see the rapid expression in a negative way.