Covering my bases.

Although I have already posted this several places, i figured I might as well post it here as well. Here are a couple photos and link to many more from the art show I currently have up at The Northern.

See all the photos here.

Photos from art show at The Northern.

The depths of hell.

Close up of one half of the depths of hell

Another Close-up

Caribou and squirrel

Bird and fox

Fox and bird. I don't have a very good photo of it,  so I ask you this : enjoy this photo as if it were good.

Close up of the bird.

Close-up of the fox

See all the photos here.


Vincent said...

I'm immensely impressed by this art exhibition. I don't know where it is being shown - I mean I don't know how prestigious "The Northern" is. But I think you may go far with this kind of work. I'm not clear what medium you are using.

l i z said...

"your art [is] the prettiest art of all the art."

Chris Almond said...

Thank you very much!
The pieces I have posted are either watercolor or oil on Masonite. The Northern is super prestigious but I am hoping it gets my foot in the door.

Thank you...I think? Is that a reference from the office?

l i z said...

you got it.