Marissa and I have been moving into our new place in Seattle the past few days. Urban moving is a lot more work than other moving. We had to park the U-haul about a block away from our place plus carry everything up a flight of stairs. My feet have been aching for three days now and their is still a lot more work to do. Not that we own that much stuff or anything. However, there is a certain pleasure that comes from physical labor, making it not so bad.
Right now I am sitting in our new kitchen on a our new stool from Ikea.
Our first day here someone stole a suitcase out of our car.
But just a suitcase. Things they did not take:
Marissa's Macbook,(which was touching the suitcase) our Ipod(exposed in the front seat), the contents of the suitcase(clothes).

Not only did they not take the clothes in the suitcase, but they kindly put them in one of the garbage bags we had on the front seat. They did however take the rest of the garbage bags. (I guess it wasn't just the suitcase they took. Suitcase and about 5 garbage bags.)
I don't know what to make of this robbery. Because it is so unusual and doesn't have a significantly negative effect on our life I feel more amused than anything else. However, having been robbed in our first 3 hours here, I do feel a bit more cautious about my possessions than anywhere else I have lived.

There was nothing remarkable about the suitcase and it isn't as if we have any great need for one. I like to imagine that this person somehow was in desperate need of a suitcase and this was their only option. Probably not the case, but that is what I like to imagine.


Vincent said...

I've had a couple of experiences like that. Both had the additional hassle of a small window being broken to assist the amateur thief in entering the car. One was a trench-coat which I didn't like anyway. I forgave the thief for I imagined he was a tramp, and made a note to self to leave car unlocked next time to avoid window-breaking.

Second example. One Christmas morning, having forgotten that note to self, I found window broken and a video-cassette player taken from the back seat. I imagined a ne'er-do-well father feeling guilty that he had nothing to give his family for Christmas. How chagrined he must have been when he discovered that the player didn't work. I was a bit sorry for him.

Enjoy your new place. I hope it has good studio lighting for your creative work.

Chris Almond said...

Wouldn't it be an amazing coincidence if it were the same thief who took your video cassette player as took our suitcase?
One reason we chose the place was actually because of the good lighting. It has a long room with 6 windows, perfect for an art studio.