Last night Marissa showed me this blog called Seriously SO Blessed.

At first we were under the impression it was a real person. For those who have seen Mormon Mommy blogs, this blog is such a good parody it is difficult, without reading several entries, to realize it is a hoax. The only thing her blog is missing is an "I read nienie" ad. (this blog gives you a list of the real thing. Or, to experience the epitome of Mormon Mommy Bloggers, my old boss at Barnes And Nobles little sister, the person all young Mormon Mothers are, for some reason, striving to be Nei nei!!! )
One of my favorite parts was when she listed her year in review she put:

"Got an expensive camra and started a photog biz w/ no skills or experience!! ADVENTURE!"

I don't know how common this is for housewives who are not Mormon, but I do know within the world Mormon housewives it is very common.


meg said...

i can't believe you just found this blog. i think i may have told you about it a few months ago??? well, anyway, for awhile vegor and i were under the impression that laura eastin was the writer behind the blog. but i don't think she is. nope.

J McO (change later) said...

I know the girl who does SSB. It's funny because she's this incredibly nice, beautiful woman, but a lot of people think she must be ugly/fat/bitter/mean/etc.

Chris Almond said...

@yeah, i guess i am pretty dumb for just now having heard of it.
@ james. how do you know the girl?

J McO (change later) said...

She married my cousin a few years ago. They have a kid and she's in law school. I'd tell you more, but I guess she's pretty determined to conceal her identity. She was interviewed on TV a while ago: