Times when I don't have a lot to do I really enjoy how much it rains in Olympia. I love staying inside and reading books or doing the dishes or watching movies instantly on netflix, but when the sun is out I feel less comfortable not leaving the house.
I was reading that most suicides happen on days with really nice weather. I can understand that. Times when I have been bored and lonely have been exacerbated by the warm nice weather because it further reminds me that while conditions are perfect to be outside having fun with someone, I have nothing to do that sounds fun or anyone to do it with.

Not that I am at all lonely or bored now, nor have I been for a long while, but I still enjoy when it rains and I get to stay inside reading books in bed without any sort of inner restlessness compelling me to take advantage of the nice weather.
Though, I also do love it when the weather is good. Especially this time of year when the novelty of winter has worn of. I guess what I am saying is that I like rainy weather, but I also like good weather, but for different reasons, and when people kill themselves it is often when the weather is good.


Friends of Dawson Creek Management said...

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J McO (change later) said...

That's interesting about suicides in nice weather. It almost makes more sense. Have you ever seen Wristcutters? It's a rad movie with a delightfully odd take on suicide. Plus, Tom Waits is in it, and I love him.

P.S. I like your pet troll, Cooliosaurus. He reminds me of this:

Friends of Dawson Creek Management said...

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