Couples blogs.

Another recent phenomenon, along the line of Mommy Blogs is couples blogs. I only started being aware of this a few months ago.
The couples blog is always written by the wife, but is often written from the point of view of 'we'.

These blogs tend to be amusing. They are all so similar. Every entry is about how much they are in love and the word 'amazing' is used to describe almost everything. Lots of of hugging,kissing and date pictures that make me feel kind of uncomfortable but, for all I know, are seen as cute and romantic to the female friends who read it.

While these blogs are mostly amusing curiosities to me, they are also a bit unsettling to me. That a person would want to present themselves as having no identity or thoughts outside of their relationship. I suppose that is what being young and in love is often about, however strange that may be to me. It would be somewhat more understandable if these couples had their individual blogs in addition to the couple blogs, but as far as I can tell, the couples blogs are it. I wonder for how long will these young couples maintain their relationship celebrating blogs? After time will they tire of it, and want some blogging independence?

What I am curious about is this: is this a Mormon phenomenon? I have only ever seen young Mormon couples with this type of blog, however the only young married couples I even know are Mormon, so I don't have a good pool to judge from. Does anyone have any insight to this question?

here is a good example of a couples blog

Looking over that link it occurred to me that a Mormon Couple Blog is basically a Mormon Mommy blog, before the woman has a bunch of kids to write about.


Vincent said...


Whittron said...

I like your mini love story. I'll be sure to pass it along. what should I put your age as?

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

im starting our couples blog. it will only be posted in the comment section in various blogs, around the realm of the internet.

DB said...

does this mean I have a mormon daddy blog? I am so embarrassed.

Unknown said...

Good to know that I have an "official" mormon mommy blog. Always wondered about that. I even have a Nei Nei button on my blog. (becuase I think she is indredibly inspiring)So I think I made the cut.

Version #2 said...

One of them will get bored in the blogging relationship and go looking for an affair by starting their own blog. The other spouse will discover this secret blog/information by noticing the address in the web history, they'll say to themselves, "I've never seen this blog before..." CLICK --> total mayhem --> Thoughts from the Couple's Blogging Spouse: "My husband has his OWN BLOG!!! (checking first posting date) SINCE MARCH OF 2008!!!!! How did I not know this...why didn't I realize something was off with our couple's blog...I was the ONLY one contributing to the posts for months now that I think about it...I should've seen this coming."

The result?

The moral decay of the sacred couples blogging structure as we know it...next thing we know they'll be allowing gays to legally do the same thing...we must put an end to this immediately in case that does happen and then they try to sue us for upholding our beliefs, the "what if's" are too risky, it would be wise of us to act on those "what if's" before they can act on us first.

Sign here if you support Couples Blogging Prop Fate (Protect the Family, vote no on spouse individual blogs):

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ruthallison said...

it looks like a mommy blog though

Friends of Dawson Creek Management said...

hey chris who's you're mommy?!??

Anonymous said...

Not logically

Chris Almond said...

Anonymous, I am unsure what is meant by your comment. Cooliosaurs, my mommy is nancy allman