I have had many different thoughts over the past few months, but have been having a hard time with language, which is why I haven't written much in here. The language part of my brain has felt very foggy lately, but over the past few weeks, the fog has seemed to lift. Hopefully I will write about this mind fog as well as other things.

One thing I will mention now, is that at one point my mind became so foggy that while in class I would think 'so this is what it feels like to be a dumb person' while barely understanding what my teacher was saying. I also felt a greater empathy for people who speak in clichés. When your thoughts are not clear, clichés come to mind easily. I tried to avoid it, but when I had a hard time thinking of what words best described what I wanted to say and cliché statements first came to mind, it was very tempting to use them.

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