We have been on the road lately. This is my first time being on the internet for more than a few moments. Funny and interesting things have happened, but nothing comes to mind immediately. We went to Knotts Berry farms and Phoenix Arizona and Beagle Mountain Utah and are still in Beagle Mountain Utah. We have seen lots of friends and family. Though not as much family as I would like. Haven't seen my brother in over a year now. Eaten lots of food opened lots of presents. We got a vacuum so we can clean up the 3 months worth of pine needles that have accumulated on our carpet making our living room have the benefits of both a home and a forest floor.
We saw both 'Avatar' and 'Where the Wild Things Are' and loved both. I think I may have loved Where the Wild Things Are' more than 'Avatar'. I keep remembering the scene in WtWTA when Carol asks Max if he can keep them safe from sadness and loneliness. It was such a sad and beautiful scene.
Christmas time is fun. Christmas itself is okay but Christmas time is enjoyable. I like the feeling of everyone I know doing the same sort of thing. It creates a nice feeling of unity and togetherness even if we are not actually together doing the same thing. Just the idea that everyone I know is doing the same sort of thing is enjoyable to me.
I have 11 more credits before I graduate from college. It has taken me a long time so I am very excited about this. I need to come up with 6000$ before January 5th for me to graduate by March when I am expecting. It makes me worried that this won't work out. I will find out tomorrow. Hopefully everything works out. Right?