Every state I have been in I have heard people say, in speaking of the weather: 'You know what they say about_____(name of state), if you don't like weather, just wait 5 minutes.'
Marissa confirmed this is also true in Arizona.
The only state I have lived in where I haven't heard this is also the only state where it has been true, which is olympia. Since 11:30 Am it has gone from raining, to clear skies, to raining, to sunny clear skies, to now 1:55 pm, it is snowing.
Dave Bottom, I trust you have found this post to be funny and enlightening.


Marissa N. Paolacci said...

i second that

carie said...

I third it.
utah, boston, Rhode Island, missouri all say the same thing...
I don't see how Arizona can say anything though. It is always sunny and warm there.

DB said...

I feel for you and your upcoming visit with K-pax. Maybe you should come down with something and go to the hospital.

J McO (change later) said...

I have long thought the same thing with a silent snicker. The only place I've never heard people say "you know what they say... wait five minutes..." is California. It actually does not apply in most parts of California.