The internet at my house has been down for a few days. And may be down for a few more days. I'm in a computer lab now but only have 3 more minutes on this computer. On sunday Marissa's mom is coming. I go through moments of intense dread to moments of feeling unconcerned. It isn't as if I have anything to hide or am ashamed of anything. It is just uncomfortable having someone over to your has that has only criticized you. And the criticisms are frequent. It is strange to be so frequently put down. 56 seconds left. Got to go! marissa and I made a pizza yesterday and it was delicious!


Marissa N. Paolacci said...

i second that

crystal said...

i have never heard anyone comment on the weather like that. the wait five minutes thing. maybe that is because i'm from seattle which is a lot like olympia? good luck with mama bear, we are in a vaguely similar situation! only mine is a true mother in law for all eternity!
love ya bye

crystal said...

not that i don't regard your situation as "true" just that i have i to see mine all the time right now and you are just beginning that....i'm so rude!