i think i would like to keep this blog for a while without telling any person. i tend to have much of my thoughts and feelings public, because i write so often i diaryland.
i find it helpful to write, knowing what i am writing will be read by others. when i am considering that my words will be read by another, it causes me to be more deliberate in what i am writing. i strive for a greater clarity in my words than i might if only writing for myself. when i write for only myself i don't necessarily need to explain in as much depth as i might otherwise, since i already understand what i am saying. it is more of a record, than a means to explain.
but when i am writing knowing it will be read by others i feel the need to explain the idea as fully and richly as possible in hopes of being fully understood.
also when writing, knowing it will be read by others, i tend to be more likely tobe imagining how others might be responding in their minds or with comments, and so i attempt to address those concerns.
wow, writing is such a catharsis for me. just right now, i as i am writing i feel such a release of stress i had not even fully noticed before.

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Chaunté Vaughn said...

i have only known about it since yesterday