awhile ago i saw a friend i had not seen for a while at the library. we talked for a while then he left. after a few minutes he came back and said 'you're powerful'
i responded with 'what do you mean?
he responded to that with 'you know you are'
i responded with 'no, what do you mean'
he responded with 'i feel something powerful when i look in your eyes'. then he left.
a chinese woman i had a conversation with a few weeks later said something similar.
it is things like that which i am unsure of how to incorporate. everything but a handful of things i could pass as coincedence or mental illness.
i realize i can remain agnostic on the issue because it does not make much difference if it is true or not. it does not, as far as i can tell, make much or any difference in the way i would live my life.
i cannot see what difference it would make. i still ahve the same desires and goals.

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