Other people's opinions.

One attribute I admire in other people is the ability to be comfortable with other people's beliefs/opinions/values, particularly those with which they disagree. Plus being comfortable with those beliefs/opinions/values being expressed. This is a surprisingly rare attribute. For some reason most of us have a need for others to share our thoughts and opinions.
If I get the motivation I will flesh out more of my thinking on this subject.

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Vincent said...

I look forward to this. If it's a quality you admire in others I guess it's one you aspire to as well.

I realized the other day I am starting to enjoy other people's ideas for what they are, empathetically, rather than for the opportunity to argue with them. The other thing I have been doing is to mentally blot out from my landscape those people whose beliefs/opinions/values I find repulsive or incomprehensible (when I think it is beneath my dignity to argue with them).

I think I have a long way to go. But they say that virtue is its own reward.