One morning, while drifting in and out of sleep, the out drifts happening because of our newish cat, Glen Close was going berzerker between Marissa and I, playing with his tail and toy mice, I found myself thinking about thoughts I wasn't sure where they sprang from, which seems to happen often recently, ever since Glen Close became a part of our lives.

On this particular morning I was thinking about how Japan seems to exist about 2-5 years in the future from the rest of the developed world. I began to imagine what sort of slogans one could derive from this fact. Slogans that may be used for example, by someone trying to promote Japan to the rest of the world. Maybe an advertising agency hired by the Japanese tourism committee.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that sometimes I spend my mornings in bed thinking of slogans to help promote tourism in Japan.

These are two of the slogans I thought of:

Japan: We are 2-5 years in the future.


Have you ever wanted to visit the future? Visit Japan.



l i z said...

i came here hoping to see cherry turnovers, but this was better.

Friends of Dawson Creek Management said...

or: come and see what your hair will look like in five years

Friends of Dawson Creek Management said...


Japan: what you see is what you get

Japan: Family Values, Family Man

Japan: We say it like it is and that's why people don't like us

Japan: Land of a thousand buildings