about five minutes ago i hear a big pick up truck pulling up outside.
my cabin property is down a very long driveway, maybe about a football feilds length. i never hear anyone drive down it except my landlord so i stepped outside to see what was up.
some guy gets out of the truck. he is middle aged. has his shirt unbuttoned. seems like the sort of guy you would see in a commercial or tv show watching football and drinking a beer.
he walks up to me in a kind of matter of fact way that made me scared. like he was going to punch me in the face. i was going to step back in my cabin but decided not to, since my sense of reason told me it was very very unlikely a stranger would drive up to my cabin and punch me in the face.

he introduced himself as living on the property next door.
next door is a weird place. there is a small canyon between the two properties where a stream runs into the sound. the canyon is maybe... thirty feet deep, with very gradual walls one could easily walk down.
that property has always been a mystery. there are several trailers and a big tent. like a circus size tent, but in army green. sometimes there music is so loud it sounds as if it is in my cabin. they listen to things from phish to pearl jam to classic rock.

he tells me his name. he seems kind of drunk.
he says he and peter my landlord used to be friends, but are not anymore, but it does not affect him and i.
he points to a shovel in the ground about ten feet away from my cabin and says that is the property line.

he points to a tree by the shovel and says 'see that tree? i could go take a shit on that tree if i wanted to.'
i laugh and say 'okay'
he says 'but i won't. i am a regular guy' (but i think you can judge for yourself that he is not)
i say: have there been any problems? is everything okay?
he says 'yeah, everything is fine. i just wanted to see who peter is living with. if you ever have any problems with me, just come over and tell me.'
me: 'okay. so nothing is wrong?'
him: no, just come to meet the new neighbor. you can come visit anytime.

then he starts to walk away and says: peter (my landlord) should be raped in prison.
he is about thirty feet away now so i shout 'WHY?!'
he then picks something up off peter's porch. i could tell what, but it was maybe a sprinkler and smashes it on a rock'
again i shout, 'WHY SHOULD HE BE RAPED?!'
he just says 'and i have a lot of friends in prison'
then gets in his truck and drives off.
all in all a pretty funny situation.
and my landlord seems to be becoming a worse and worse person the more i hear about him, although he has always been very nice to me.

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Vincent said...

interesting indeed. And I like the way it is not clear whether this is true or fiction.